The Line Between Love And Hate

Have you ever been in a situation were this minute, this person is your heaven and earth and the next
minute, you can’t stand them or even have them breathe close to you

My question is What happened? How can you love someone so much and in turn hate them the same
way. How can love become hatred?
I made some findings and here is what I think, loving a person comes with a lot of sacrifices, having sacrificed a lot mentally, emotionally, physically and everything within and beyond your capacity to see this person happy. Literally gave your all to this individual, it can be your parents, children, siblings, extended family, partner, close associates and others and this person happens to hurt you in return, how would you feel? How would you handle it? What comes to your mind when you see them? Do you want to hurt them? Do you wish you can forgive and let go?

There’s definitely a thin line between love and hate, an individual cannot decide to switch up without

Accumulated triggers atimes often lead to an outburst, your acclaimed best person will
definitely know your triggers, them trying to act like they don’t know or keep doing things just because they assume you love them too much to react, can be frustrating and tiring. Everyone has their limit and once it’s been reached, a reaction is prone to occur.

Take for instance a marriage, you got married to your best friend as you claimed, you are happy, living your dream life, travelling together, shared dreams and aspirations, have kids and all of a sudden Divorce………….haaaaa……… how did we get here?

We all know we have our differences and working together helps us bridge the gap, but are you saying some gaps can’t be bridged. Definitely, take for instance a violent partner, you don’t have to endure beatings oo, please leave!!!! We have seen some couples got divorced and co-parented really well, that’s understandable, Love is still at play, seeing that both parties decides to respect each other.

But in cases where we have major blow outs, custody battles, dragging each other on the same Internet you once confessed your love for each other, threats
everywhere. What happened? Which line was crossed?

I am a believer of leaving a table when respect is no longer served, however, the manner at which you
leave is important, but then again you can’t tell people how to react, cos all feelings are valid. But love is respectful, kind and considerate. You can’t claim you ever loved someone and wish them bad even after separation, Yes you were hurt…….Yes you were maltreated….Yes you were broken….Yes you were molested and every other things you might have gone through, but do you think revenge will give you peace? It’s actually a burden on your end too, you are restless because you want them to experience what you encountered, you are trying your best to make them suffer, but to what end? Karma is a bitch my dear, it might not happen now, but trust me they will meet their match.

When you feel you are no longer needed, leave!!! Theres a thin line between love and hate, do not wait until you cross that line, its dangerous for yourself and loved ones, you cant afford to be a shadow of yourself, while the other party is enjoying the show, e no even send your papa, use bigger person kill am.

I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s achievable. Take it one step at a time, remember that you
matter!!!! Do not carry hate!!!! Its not healthy.
Seek peace, you deserve it after a traumatizing experience, heal, love and live again. You owe yourself that!!

Written by Olofinnika Oyetinbo

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