25 Years+ How Is Life Treating You?


Hmmmm………………… Life they say can be filled with ups and downs, one minute you are just an infant, the next minute you are already caught up with life struggles.

Growing up as a less privileged child definitely comes with limitations and becoming successful takes a lot of hard work and ability to do extra ordinary things.

Either you are from a rich background or poor one, everyone experiences one life issue at a particular time or the other. We are all humans after all and we tend to share similar reactions to some circumstances in a way or the other . There is a myth about rich kids having the best life and not a single worry or care in the world. This can be true and false at the same time, but omooooo…… those guys go through things too. 

So back to the topic 25years+ how is life treating you? I am not speaking solely to those of us that grew up struggling, I am also asking the privileged amongst us how they are coping. 

I will like to list out the similar struggles before categorizing what the rich go through and also the poor.

FAMILY/SOCIETAL PRESSURE is still one of the leading causes of Depression. Ranging from family having high expectations to marriage and also trying to fit into the society. Trying to prove to everyone except yourself is one of the biggest mistakes we make, I understand how we want to make our parents proud and be the best, but easy and steady wins the race. As long as you are trying your best and work on yourself to be better, you will get there.

PEER PRESSURE is also one, just because your friends have something or doing something at a particular time, you tag yourself a failure because you are not doing same? O wrong now….

No allow anybody pressure you o…..lol… Everyone go dey alright las las….

You see the rich ones struggling to prove to their parents that they can be the best in everything they do, always in a competition, because Mr A’s child is a doctor you want your child to be one? What if she wants to be a fashion designer? They also want to be better than their parents, some of them don’t even have a personal relationship with their parents. Some try to rebel again their parents, thereby becoming a menace to the society.

The less privileged nko, always trying to remove their family from the trenches and trying to have the luxury they couldn’t get as a kid. 

Don’t get me wrong, all these things are good. It should motivate and not pressure you.

How can you live a happier and better life?

First step is to stop giving yourself deadlines/age to achieve certain things. Just because (A) bought his/her first car at 25 doesn’t mean you wont own one even if you are above 30. OR because your friends are getting married and having kids you feel like it’s the end of the world. Take a chill pill your time will come, there is time for everything. Don’t push yourself overboard, when there is life there is hope.

Also, learn to be contented with what you have, only then will you be in the right state of mind to chase and accomplish more. Don’t compare yourselves with people. Everyone na packaging, no one wants to show their weaknesses or struggles because people will definitely feed on it. 

Above all, be happy and try to live life on your own terms, WE WILL BE ALRIGHT………………


So I ask again……..25years+ how’s life treating you?

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