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Celebrity Marriage as defined by the Urban Dictionary is a union between two famous people, which normally doesn’t last. They further reiterated their point by citing an example of using a lifespan of something that fails, as a perfect definition of celebrity marriage. 

Different takes on Celebrity Marriage

Many people assume that celebrity marriages are filled withlaughter, bed of roses or have happy endings, due to their access to luxury and comfort. This is true for some and definitely false for others. 

Personally, I believe either a celebrity marriage or not, for a marriage to work, both parties should be able to reach a compromise and work on their individual differences. 

I will be shedding more light on different takes on celebrity marriages as observed in our modern day society.

First take: “It shouldn’t happen”

These are the first set of people that believes a celebrity shouldn’t get married to a fellow celebrity

Second take: “If it should happen”

These set of people have different conditions as to why a celebrity marriage can only be successful.

“That the wife needs to go low profile or quit her job for the marriage to be successful” 

“Avoid public display of one another”

Third take: “It should happen as far as both parties are happy”

These ones are just ready to go with the flow, they don’t really have an opinion. They are ready to support their faves in whatever situationship he/she finds him/herself.

Likely causes of Celebrity Marriage breakup

Most Marriages are pretty similar in structure, with the same fundaments. Rudiments of a successful marriage includes but not limited to; Trust, Commitment, Loyalty amongst others. For a successful marriage to be established, work needs to be done by the couples.

There’s a saying amongst people about not comparing your marriage/relationship with others, this is actually true. Giving the fact that Marriage/ Relationship comprises of different personalities of individuals coming together to live as one. 

The difference with a Celebrity Marriage is that they are in the spotlight and all focus are mostly on them. Everything they do, causes a public stir and leads to different reactions from their fans, which if not properly managed may lead to an imbalance in emotions of the individual in question.

Highlighted below are some of the possible causes:

➢ Infidelity

➢ Lack of trust

➢ Gossips/rumors

➢ Inability to handle the spotlight

➢ Pressure from the general public

➢ Inability to balance work schedules

The first two points affect marriage generally, either a celebrity marriage or a normal marriage.

Examples of the Shortest Celebrity Marriages in History

1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander : 55hours 

2. Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike : 4days

3. Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy : 14days

4. Mario Lopez and Ali Landry :18 days

The similar causes of their breakups all goes down to pressure from each other/public. 

Source: Andrea Park

Personally, I think a celebrity marriage can definitely work out, once there is an understanding from both sides and are ready to make it work no matter what may happen. In as much as the relationship isn’t toxic and domestic violence isn’t involved. There will definitely be ups and downs, but the ability to stick to one another, be contended and supportive of your partner is really important. 

You can also share your views about celebrity marriages, I will be reading.

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